Introduction of conductive polymer Clevios®

Polyacetylene, polyaniline, polypyrrole, polythiophene, etc. are polymers which conduct electricity, so called conductive polymers. In 2000, 3 doctors, Dr. Shirakawa, Dr. MacDiamid and Dr. Heeger received a Nobel Prize for their research achievement of conductive polymers, and the social contribution by Bayer's 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene (Clevios®) is also said to be the reason for the Novel Prize winning.

"Baytron (old name of Clevios)"was developed in the 1980s and started to be produced in large volume in 1994. It is now the product of Bayer's 100% subsidiary, H.C. Starck after Bayer moved their business to H.C. Starck in 2002, and Junsei Chemical Co.,Ltd. is cooperating in their business as their distributor.

"Clevios P" can be acquired by oxidative polymerization of 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene, and its standard composition is the water containing polystyrene sulfonate; Dispersion.

Polythiophene becomes insoluble and infusible by alternative of 3,4 level, and cross-link becomes impossible if 3,4 level is used. It becomes stabilized when substituent containing oxygen is used.

"Clevios" has various kinds including EDOT (monomer), PEDOT/PSS, PEDOT (polymer), etc. and the targeted polymer may be acquired by a user through electroplymerization or chemical oxidative polymerization of monomer (EDOT), and polymer may be used for coating, EL material use, etc. It is mainly used and receives high evaluation in the fields of coating (antistatic carrier tape, electronic tray, protection tape for LC polarizer, permanent antistatic for polymer, condenser, etc.), high-conductive coating (ITO alternative, touch panel, solar battery, etc.), and EL material (hole-injecting layer/ buffer layer), etc.

Coating is processed with ink-jet, gravure printing, screen printing, line patterning, spin coat, slit coat, spray coat, nozzle coat, etc.

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